Meet the designer

Rotem Izhaki is a fashion designer who aims to create classic, timeless, yet unique garments that will last beyond seasonal trends. Her inspiration comes from art, classical music, and fashion history.

As a result of her classical music education as a child, she got interested in the clothing and aesthetics of each period. Fascinated by the efforts of fashion to shape the human body and the exceptional handcrafts in each period, She combines timeless, traditional spirit with a contemporary design to create her aesthetic.

Prizes & Achievements

“Hand & Lock” Prize for embroidery, first place (2020).

"Creative Exellence Grant" Awarded by America Israel coltural foundation (2021).

B.Des. Degree with Praise in Fashion Design from Shenkar College for Engineering and Design (2021).

“Frankfurt Style Awards” For young designers, third place (2020).

“Azrieli Foundation” Prize for excellent academic achievements at Shenkar (2019).

“Haya Linda Foundation” Prize for excellence, supporting the graduation collection (2020)

Handcrafted Techniques


Patchwork is the craft of joining small pieces of fabric into a large geometric design. Then, it is sewn together square by square to create the complete work. 

Fabric folding

Folded flowers inspired by the origami technique. The foldings create a unique texturized surface and sheerness.

Smocking Embroidery

'Smocking' is a traditional embroidery technique that gathers fabric to create vertical pleats. Those pleats then being secured and decorated with different embroidery stitches made by hand, allowing stretchiness and movement.